Write Like a Roman!

Come and have a Roman experience on Hadrian’s Wall!

Come and learn all about how romans wrote in ancient times and send a Roman postcard all of your own!

Join Catherine Jarvis, Teacher and Tour Guide, at Greenhead Village Hall (on Hadrian’s Wall Trail and almost on Hadrian’s Wall itself) to learn about how and what the Romans wrote 2000 years ago.

Catherine tells the story of how writing began and how the Roman alphabet came about and how we, the British, and many other countries around the world came to use it.

Catherine shows you who wrote the Vindolanda Writing Tablets and the London Bloomberg Writing Tablets, what they wrote on and how they did it. She will also be telling the story about the different local Roman people, living near Hadrian’s Wall. A lot of information can be gleaned about Roman life from the Writing Tablets. Catherine will tell you who they were, what they wrote and why they wrote it and how they were sent to other people in the Roman Empire.

The session will last two hours at Greenhead Village Hall. All your materials will be provided for you to use and try out. At the end of the session, you will have learned to ‘Write like a Roman’ and be able to send by Royal Mail or take home a Roman Postcard all of your own.

Catherine will also be in costume as a Roman Lady during the course of the session.

Tea, coffee and refreshments will also be provided. Parking is available nearby. If you are coming to nearby Haltwhistle by train or by bus we can arrange a pickup and drop-off for you. Just let Catherine know how you will be travelling in and we can arrange something for you.

Maximum number of people in a session is 6 people. Special prices available for groups and families. £80 for 1 person, £65 per person for 2 people, £60 per person for 3 or more people.


  • See and handle a Papyrus, aWooden Tablet, a Wax Tablet, a stilus pen, an ink dip pen, ink, a reed pen and use them!
  • Write your own postcard – either a modern postcard or a wooden postcard – all your own!
  • Write in Latin, English, Geordie, Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic, Mandarin…any language you wish to use! The choice is yours!
  • Learn some simple Latin phrases and learn about Old Roman Cursive Script!
  • Special sessions can be delivered to schools, groups and younger children please contact Catherine for more details and prices.
  • Greenhead Village Hall, Greenhead, CA8 7HE
  • Parking is across the B6318 road opposite Greenhead Village Hall very near St.Cuthbert’s Church, Greenhead, CA8 7HB
  • Facilities and wheelchair accessible
  • Handy History, Catherine Jarvis, Mobile: +44 (0)7759020885
  • Email: catherine@handyhistory.co.uk